PreScreen Plus Instant EtG

Test of Choice for High-Volume Professional Organizations

The EtG Advantage

Unlike other recreational drugs and drugs of abuse, alcohol is quickly eliminated from the body, making it difficult to determine through blood and breath tests whether a person has been drinking, beyond a window of several hours. To further complicate things, the rate at which a body metabolizes alcohol varies greatly from individual to individual; it is influenced by factors such as body type, weight, gender, physical activity, amount of alcohol consumed, what it was mixed with, how much food was consumed during the period of drinking and other elements.

Because institutions like drug courts, parole programs, and drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers need a reliable and convenient method of monitoring alcohol use in those under their charge, the PreScreen Plus Ethyl Glucuronide (EtG) Urine Test has increased in popularity in recent years, to the point where it has become the test of choice for alcohol monitoring. Rather than relying on detecting the presence of alcohol before it leaves the body, it tests for EtG, a metabolite or biomarker produced when alcohol is metabolized. EtG remains in the body at detectable levels for up to 80 hours, a far more convenient window of detection than that provided by other kinds of tests.

Why Our Test?

Our PreScreen Plus EtG Instant Drug Test Dip Card is simple to administer and provides easily readable results in 5 minutes. The unambiguous color indicators tell you if the test is negative, positive or even (extremely rarely) if it is invalid for some reason and should be readministered. Positive results are confirmed through highly accurate, state-of-the-art Gas Chromatography/ Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) or Liquid Chromatography/ Mass Spectrometry (LC/MS) analysis. Remember: this test detects the recent consumption of alcohol but cannot determine any level of intoxication or amount consumed.

As further assurance of a confident test result, the cut-off detection level for our PreScreen Plus EtG Instant Drug Test Dip Card is a conservative 500 nanograms per milliliter (ng/mL). This avoids the issues lower-level tests face of results confused by sources of alcohol other than drinking: cough syrups, mouthwashes, hand sanitizers (inhaling the fumes), and vanilla extract are examples. Even fruit juices in bottles or cartons can have up to 0.5% alcohol (about the same as non-alcoholic beer) from fermentation on the shelf! Such incidental exposure can produce detectable EtG levels, but at far lower concentrations than our 500 na/mL cut-off. This ensures absolute reliability of our test results.

The Superior Choice

Since EtG is only produced when alcohol is consumed and metabolized by the liver, the test avoids any confusion from alcohol present in urine through fermentation in the bladder (as can happen with diabetes patients) or even fermentation through yeast or bacteria present in the urine sample. This test does not detect alcohol itself—it tests for the consumption of alcohol. And EtG is not produced through exposure to other forms of alcohol like methanol, acetyl, dodecanol, isopropanol, or stearyl, which may variously show up in consumer products, medicines, and industrial chemicals. EtG is only produced by ethanol, also known as drinking or food alcohol.

Additional proof of the effectiveness of EtG alcohols tests can be found on various websites where substance abusers share methods for “beating” drug tests, often to defeat probation or court programs. Contributors to these sites are constantly coming up with new attempts to tamper with EtG tests. Some even suggest heating urine, which only increases the stability of the metabolite! The fact that no single method of cheating hangs around very long demonstrates the difficulty in corrupting this test