There are two sides to every issue. Alcoholic drinks can make parties and gatherings more fun and more social. But alcohol abuse poses very real dangers to individuals, business and society.

To be fair, we’re providing a list of interesting information on alcohol: 20 facts that are Surprising and Sobering. Enjoy!

Facts About Alcohol

Surprising Facts

Sobering Facts

1.   The Star-Spangled Banner, the American national anthem was based on the melody of a drinking song 1.   Every year in America, 5000 people under 21 die from alcohol-related incidents.
2.   Good for the brain: moderate alcohol consumption can help prevent brain disease later in life. 2.   Bad for the body: even 2-3 drinks can impair motor coordination for up to 18 hours.
3.   The average American over 15 in the 1830’s consumed the equivalent of 25 gallons of vodka, 200 gallons of wine, or 400 gallons of beer each year! 3.   40 million Americans admit to binge drinking—5 or more drinks within 2-3 hours, several times a month.
4.   More beer than water was stored on the Mayflower when the Puritans set sail for America. 4.   Both the young (under 25) and the old (over 60) are more greatly influenced by alcohol than individuals in the years between.
5.   Paul Revere is reputed to have tossed back two shots of rum before he set out on his famous ride. 5.   Alcohol impairment is involved in over 10,000 driving fatalities a year—almost a third of the total deaths.
6.   Birds have been known to get drunk from eating fermented berries—even flying into windows while intoxicated. 6.   Alcohol contributes to over 200 injury-related health conditions and diseases, including cancer and cirrhosis of the liver.
7.   Until the end of the Middle Ages, brewing ale was a profession dominated by women. Such “alewives” often made a potent brew called groaning ale, for women in childbirth (and anxious fathers!) 7.   More than ten percent of American children live with a parent who has alcohol-related problems.
8.   Famous deaths from alcohol or related effects include President Franklin Pierce, John Barrymore, Mickey Mantle, Truman Capote, Billie Holiday, James Thurber, and Amy Winehouse. 8.   Liver disease related to alcohol is the main cause of nearly 1/3 of all liver transplants in the United States.
9.   The United States has the highest minimum drinking age of any developed country in the world. 9.   Young people who drink are over seven times as likely to use other illegal drugs—and 50 times more likely to use cocaine!
10. The crime rate in American cities during Prohibition increased by over 20%! Many attribute this to the boost organized crime received from bootlegging. 10. 40% of violent crimes are committed under the influence of alcohol; 2/3 of domestic violence incidents are alcohol-related.